Aura haute couture is all about a luxurious visit to buy the best fit for the best occasion. Not only do they have the perfect outfits but a pleasing service that is cherished by their cliental. From matching a lehenga’s stole to its footwear to jewellery and handbag’s, its all available with high quality craftsmanship that is hard to find elsewhere.
At once muted and radiant, our curation of saris combines versatility and timeless elegance.Each sari that we curate is an ode to the heritage, worthy of becoming a family heirloom to be handed down from mothers to daughters. Our collection is a legendary wardrobe every bride, daughter and mother must have as its one of the finest curations found in SriLanka, rooted from the stories and myths of the past, to carry on the typical Indian heritage and c culture, spreading their traditions across the globe.
95 Rosmead place, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Call : 077 955 5556